Essential Oil Diffuser Ziba - Hand Made Wood & Glass Nebulizing Diffuser, 7 LED Colors

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Ziba is a stylish, wooden base and hand made glass top, nebulization essential oil diffuser.  This amazing piece is a nebulizing "negative ion" diffuser which uses straight essential oil without the use of water. It has two speeds, "high and low" and 7 color changing lights. It is virtually silent which is unusual for a unit of this type. Simply remove the top glass lid and drop between 5-30 drops of your favorite essential oil in.  This aromatherapy unit covers about 400 sq ft area in any home or office to enjoy the healing benefits of your favorite essential oils.


  • Nebulization (negative ion) Technology
  • 1 tactile function button (at front of base)
  • Wooden base & hand made glass top
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Dimensions:  Approx. 4" diameter x 8" height
  • Timer modes: 1st press - high diffusion, 2 min on/1 min off, 2nd press - medium diffusion, 2min on/1 min off, 3rd press - off
  • AC/DC adaptor 100-240V, 50-60Hz DC24V 500mA